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Securing OT: From Risk to Resilience

Defentos is your trusted security partner. We offer a comprehensive suite of services from risk assessments and GRC, to strategic advisories and advanced training at Defentos Academy. Our expertise spans across organizations, networks, systems, and data, ensuring you're fortified at every level.

OT Security Assurance

Accelerate efforts to identify and mitigate risks in your OT landscape. Benefit from our strategic advisories and advanced training to fortify defenses and counter disruptions effectively.

Cyber Risk Governance

Guiding organizations through informed, data-driven strategies, leveraging risk assessments and tailored advisories for precise decision-making.

Digital Transformation Security

Embark on your digital journey with confidence. As technology evolves your operations, we solidify your cybersecurity, fostering sustainable growth and innovation.

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Elevating Security with Proven Expertise

Defentos is committed to providing exceptional security to ensure safe, resilient operations. Harnessing the combined strength of OT/IT experience and practical thinking, our experts across the globe stand ready to fortify your defenses.

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Safegaurding your business is what matters

Defentos delivers a comprehensive suite of OT security services, addressing strategy, people, processes, information, and technology advancements to secure your operations.

Security Assessments

Defentos security assessments can give you a quick insight into the status of your technical security controls.

GRC Services

Navigate compliance effortlessly. Defentos offers assessments, auditing, and dedicated support to ensure you're on track.

Strategy and Advisory

Leverage our deep security insights. From consultations to strategic roadmaps, we guide you towards a safer digital future.

Defentos Academy

Defentos delivers expert-led, customized training to empower your team and enhance your organization's security.
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Safeguarding Diverse Industries with Defentos

Leverage our extensive cybersecurity expertise tailored to your industry's unique needs



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Count on Defentos to guide you through your industry's unique cybersecurity landscape
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Modbus is a request-response protocol implemented using a master-slave relationship. In a master-slave relationship, communication always occurs in pairs; one device must initiate a request and then wait for a response and the initiating device (the master) is responsible for … Read More

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Securing Legacy Systems in ICS/OT Environment: Strategies and Considerations

Legacy systems are very common in industrial control system environment and also legacy systems pose unique challenges in the realm of industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments. These aging systems, often characterized by outdated hardware, software, and … Read More

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We rely on experts like Defentos to protect and secure our critical infrastructure. Defentos guides us with an innovative approach to cyber OT and IT infrastructure as well as help us meet regulatory requirements.

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